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13. leden 2012  

Hyperkino DVDs Available Now From Moviemail, UK

Eisenstein, Kuleshov, Medvedkin and Barnet

"Classic Russian cinema on DVD, presented in the innovative Hyperkino format created by Natascha Drubek and Nikolai Izvolov, produced by Ruscico and distributed in the UK by MovieMail. 
The films are presented in 2-disc 'hyperkino editions' which features the standard film, with optional subtitles, on one disc, with the second disc featuring numerous scene-specific annotations, video clips and documents (in Russian and in English) that can be viewed on screen and which contextualise the film and enhance the viewer's understanding. 
It is one of the most exciting developments in DVD for years, and especially valuable for important works of world cinema whose historical contexts crave further exploration." (Moviemail)