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11. říjen 2012  


starší poznámka

CollectiveAccess (původním názvem OpenCollection) vznikl v roce 2003 na základě zjištění americké firmy Whirl-i-Gig (která spolupracuje s různými institucemi v USA i Evropě), že je prakticky nemožné najít dostupný, otevřený a rozšiřitelný katalogizační software.

CollectiveAccess supports a number of Metadata Standards created and used by library and information professionals. These include Dublin Core, PBCore, SPECTRUM, VRACore, CDWA, CCO, DACS, DarwinCore, MARC, and more.

The Configuration Library allows you to preview and download installation profiles that were developed for partner institutions with specialized collections management needs. These were designed to meet the functional requirements of real-world projects and go beyond the scope of traditional metadata standards. Choose from special configurations for art collections, historical societies, institutional archives, mixed collections, time-based media and natural history collections.

Cataloging features allow you go beyond basic cataloging information, with subjects and keywords, attached media and georeferencing. Create your own controlled vocabularies, authorities, or use Library of Congress Subject Headings. CollectiveAccess also supports multi-lingual cataloging, allowing you to create and publish your records multiple languages simultaneously.

CollectiveAccess includes many administrative features for managing your collection. You can catalog intake information for acquisitions, purchases and loans by creating Object Lots. Use the Storage Locations hierarchy tool to track the locations of all of the Objects in your collection. The fully customizable display allows you to specify locations beginning from a campus or facility, all the way down to a single drawer. You can also track conservation information, provenance and condition reports with fields that precisely suit your requirements.

Publish your collection to the web using Pawtucket, our full-featured web presentation and access module. Access levels allow you to choose what parts of your collection to share, and which to keep private. Custom display tools allow you to choose exactly what information is published for each object. Any changes you make are instantly posted to the web without needing to maintain a separate website or upload additional data. As with all CollectiveAccess products, Pawtucket is freely available under the open-source GNU Public License.

Woonsocket and Pascoag (currently in development) will make CollectiveAccess fully accessable to iPhone and iPad users, and support touch-screen gallery kiosk displays. As with other CollectiveAccess products they applications will be freely available under the open-source GNU Public License.