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DVD Hyperkino Sdílená poznámka (michal klodner)
Hyperkino DVDs Available Now From Moviemail, UK Sdílená poznámka (Natasa Drubkova)
"Happiness, it would appear, is a film demanding of context" (more from the DigitalFix) Sdílená poznámka (Natasa Drubkova)
Christian Gosvig Olesen answers the question "What is Hyperkino? Ruscico's Academia DVD series and the historical-critical film edition" in his blog Sdílená poznámka (Natasa Drubkova)
LIBRARIES! In case you are wondering where to find our DVDs: Columbia University, Harvard, Sterling Memorial Library, Stanford, Amherst, Singapore a... Sdílená poznámka (Natasa Drubkova)
Towards a Typology of the DVD Commentary in the Context of Scholarly Film editions (March/June 2007) Článek (Administrator User)
'The DVD of Attractions'?: The Lion King and the Digital Theme Park Bibliografický údaj (michal klodner)
'The Adventure Continues on DVD': Franchise Movies as Home Video Bibliografický údaj (michal klodner)
The Format Wars: Drawing the Battle Lines for the Next DVD Bibliografický údaj (michal klodner)
DVD, Video and Reaching Audiences: Experiments in Moving-Image Distribution Bibliografický údaj (michal klodner)
DVD Awards 2010 Bologna: "Special Feature" Prize for 3 HYPERKINO DVDs Sdílená poznámka (Natasa Drubkova)
DVD Hyperkino Review of Sergei Kapterev`s Hyperkino Annotations for "Storm Over Asia" (N.S. Cvetova and U. Marggraff) - in Russian Sdílená poznámka (Natasa Drubkova)
DVD rental DVDs: Add-Ons or Bygones? Bibliografický údaj (michal klodner)
DVD ripping DVDs: Add-Ons or Bygones? Bibliografický údaj (michal klodner)
A DVD Dilemma: Ripping for Teaching Bibliografický údaj (michal klodner)
DVDs Kristin Thompson on http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/ Sdílená poznámka (Natasa Drubkova)